Monday, August 31, 2015

Summer Slacking

OK...I'm going to splurge and just dump a bunch of photos on ya'all from the summer so here 'goes.

So we start the summer off with a trip to Paraguay to work with the Fundación Paraguaya.  Here you see me sitting in Sao Paulo waiting for a flight.  This is not a very comfortable airport but it gets you to Paraguay.

Chilling is always part of the busy film schedule

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Typical Paraguayan street

Even my boss participates in the chillin' process

I love flying my little quadrocoptor in these other countries.  Almost always I'm surrounded by little kids giggling and truly enjoying the experience.

La Garganta del Diablo, Iguazu

As I said, I love flying!

Ok, now we're on to the 4th of July weekend with some rock climbing, hammocking, and playing with nieces and nephews!

After a fantastic 4th I hopped on a place to spend the rest of the month on the African continent with one quick stop in Paris.

The beach in Mauritius...lovely

We decided that Mauritius is the real Jurassic Park

Mauritius was pretty amazing

This man amazed me.  When they harvest sugarcane they burn it to get rid of all the excess vegetation and then cut it by hand then haul it away by hand.  It's a dirty and practically thankless job but they do it everyday to support their families.  Wow.

After Mauritius we headed to Cape Town, which I loved!

Just another reason I love my little helicopter, I mean look at that shot!

Then to finish off Africa we went to Rwanda where the people were kind (like my Grandma below) and the dirt was red.

 This is a solar field that supplies like 14% of the countries power.

Tea leaves

When I actually got to be home I went backpacking with Dad, David, and a few of the nephews, it was heaven to be in the mountains.